Destiny computer game – you should check this awesome game

destiny-game-logoGames are stress releasers for the young and the young at heart. You can bear witness that every time you played a game, be it one of the old time hide and seek kind of a game or the modern games which take us to worlds unknown while resting in our living rooms, you have felt relieved of your daily cares. A quick Destiny PC game review will give you an insight of yet another thrilling game that you need to try.

This game, which is made of many different things and yet qualifies to be none of them at all, is brilliantly crafted to ensure total pleasure as you play alone, with friends or even with your family after a hard day at work, school or at home after doing all the never-ending chores.

The game revolves around world-building skills with Bungie making a history of excellence synonymous with Destiny the game. Once you get ushered to the scenic landscape featuring huge vertical terrains and vast open fields, you will get an ever increasing zeal to do all you can to save the world of Destiny right from the comfort your seat.


Although with a proficient Sparrow bike whose speed is thrilling, be sure to get lost in any of the Destiny planets that you venture into. There are numerous structures, caves and temples not forgetting large open spaces to cruise as you go about with your mission. You can rest assured that you will thoroughly enjoy this game than you have other games of similar genre.

You will not fail to recognize the sensation from the consistent music which will give that feeling of awe and obscurity as well as give you that extra oomph as you put your combating skills to practice during the big fire fights. As you glide through Destiny and its planets, you will not fail to recognize the intricate work of art on every ruin, rock face and outpost which makes the landscapes pieces of art mastery of the highest quality. If you get an illusion of being in a place in the real world, then do not be dismayed. You are not alone since many players get the same perception.


Destiny PC game review cannot be complete without mentioning some cons in the game like the long distance between the planets. The friction between tightly directed narrative and open-world design is evident but that should not keep you from enjoying this exciting game.